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About Us

Our Story

13forHaiti began after a group of 13 team members returned from a trip to Paillant, Haiti. When they arrived in Haiti, they had no idea what the Lord was about to do. They saw the Lord’s hand at work over and over again. They met many Haitian people that had a true hunger for the things of Christ and to better sustain themselves. 13forHaiti was started out of the great need to continue ministering to the people in that region.

A group of 8 people went back to the area shortly after the first trip to begin making plans for ministry. These 8 had the privilege to visit 4 churches in the area, see 4 schools begin, and meet many people with great needs. 13forHaiti’s desire is to see an ongoing partnership with the people of Haiti so the Lord’s work can continue in that region!

Our Mission

It is the mission of thirteen to see the people of  Haiti changed through the power of the Gospel of Christ Jesus one life, one learner, and one leader at a time.

Our Vision

Thirteen is an organization that was formed to try and make an eternal difference in the lives of the people of Haiti! In everything Thirteen does we strive to see Christ exalted and His kingdom furthered!

The vision of thirteen is to bring hope to the people of Haiti. We will do this by creating small business opportunities, sending mission teams, and partnering with churches to start schools. We want to help the people of Haiti, in order that they will help each other in return.

Donate to Thirteen

Your financial support is greatly appreciated as we seek to serve the people of Haiti. Your donations go toward meeting the needs of the local school, church and community of Paillant, Haiti.